Things Get Sour For Nothile On Skeem Saam -

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Lehasa's fantasy life has turned into a bad dream for him after Nothile uncovered sudden truth about herself. Without precedent for his life Lehasa had genuine affections for Nothile and was intending to begin a family with get, the report about Petty's pregnancy was only an obstruction in his manner which is the reason he emphatically accepted that the child she was conveying was not his. Lehasa considered this to be an issue for himself and Nothile which is the reason he pursued her away with her family when they uncovered the pregnancy to him. Thinking 9f her future Pretty was left with no decision except for end the pregnancy and it appears to be that the Maphosa's are beginning to show interest in the pregnancy not realizing that its as of now past the point of no return. Albeit Pretty is prepared to continue on with her own personal business and disregard the pregnancy it appears Lehasa and his family will visit her very soon. 

After Nothile uncovered to Lehasa that she can't have infants since she settled on a choice that she didn't need any youngsters and eliminated her belly, this is extremely surprising for him since he generally needed kids and he felt that Nothile was the perfect individual to Gabe kids with. Since he realizes that she can't have youngsters this makes a huge difference, then again Nothile will take in Petty's kid so she can raise him with Lehasa. It appears they are as of now making arrangements about the child not realizing that Pretty previously ended the pregnancy. 

The report about Nothile not having the option to have youngsters will definitely adversely affect her relationship with Lehasa. He should think cautiously if he needs to proceed with the relationship, regardless of whether it implies they won't ever have youngsters. Having kids have consistently been one of Lehasa's fundamental need, the inquiries is will.he penance his desire to have youngsters so he can be with Nothile or this will be the termination of their friendship

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