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Women and selfies are inseparable, nothing you can do can keep the two apart. They like to post photos of themselves as a collection of good memories. They tend not to post photos which shows sadness, they post those which shows best parts of their lives.

Taking these photos is part of building your social media profile, for you to get those likes and get more followers. Well, three ladies took photos of themselves in their bikinis and shared them on social media for everyone to see. But, some people were not impressed at all. All ladies are wearing matching outfits which are swimwear, but Twitters complained about the first lady concerned about what she was wearing. She is wearing leggings and that make people made fun of her.

They don't approve her leggings, saying that it makes the photos less attractive. But, what she wanted to tell the world was that these ladies are enjoying time together at the beach, and they want us to see how fun it is to have friends around you are on a getaway. Most people love to see the destination, so it is a good thing to share your destinations with the world.

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