Top 3 Foods That Can Cause Bad Breath

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Brushing your mouth and rinising it there after, are all great ways to keep your mouth healthy and clean. But for some reason or the other, no matter the amount of maneuvering you might do sometimes, your breath will somehow still get a little offensive from time to time.

You may not know, "but of all the things that cause bad breath, 80% are right under our noses", which are the foods we consume. Now let's look at some of the key offenders.


Majority of us may already be aware that garlic does have an after and long lasting stench. But what you might not know, is how devastating it can be. Garlic can leave its sulfuric mark on more than just your tongue.

Due to the fact that it is absorbed into your bloodstream, it gives room to a "secondary wave of odor to make its way into your lungs, where it can freely escape through the mouth".

Once absorbed, garlic then emits a bitter scent from your pores, which comes right through your clothes and anyone around can percieve it. But it doesn't mean that one should not eat garlic. You have to just try not to overdo it and most importantly, when you’re finished eating it, learn to flush your mouth of garlic residue by brushing and flossing.


Milk is known to be very healthy; especially for bones and teeth. But the consequences of it is that, it tends to dirty a mouth.

The reason to this is because the "natural occurring bacteria from your tongue feeds on the amino acids in milk and cheeses", this then results in an odor that is bad in the mouth and unattractive.

Canned Tuna

Fish without a doubt already has its stench. But when it comes to canned fishes, the smell goes to a whole new level, especially after been eaten.

Many may not know, but "seafood naturally starts to become sour smelling and rank as it oxidizes" this is due to the fact of it been stored in a dark, metallic can.

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