UthandoNesthembu: People Think MaCele Hates MaYeni And MaNgwabe, More Complications Are Noticed -

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There are things that we never get over, people know that in a marriage, the challenges are endless and somehow, the Mseleku family has found a way to make it all work.

One thing that people benefit from watching the show is that, they get to see some of the dynamics that make up a polygamous marriage. Sometimes, the viewers will see things they never thought they would see and they will notice that the wives never really get along.

Now, some people might have a different view on this and that is very much expected, but if you have been watching the show since the first season, then you are probably more familiar with the relationship between the four wives.

One would say that, it is really nothing that serious, that might be the case sometimes, but we know that, for the sake of the show, they sometimes have to put up a front.

The wives have their own personal spaces and this has helped a lot because a lot could have happened if the lived under one roof. There is obviously no telling if the wives really get along as they make it seem, there have been a few instances where the viewers were convinced that there actually might be bad blood between some of the wives.

There are connections that are stronger than others, in the case of first wife MaCele and MaYeni, we know that they do not really see eye to eye.

And then there is also MaNgwabe in the picture who is not really that close to MaCele. One would swear that they have never had a heart to heart conversation, sometimes, people get along well at first and everything changes later on down the line.

Some viewers seem to think that MaCele views MaYeni as competition, for some weird reason. As for MaNgwabe, viewers think that she cannot stand MaCele because of something that she had said to her some time ago.

But the thing is that, every wife seems comfortable where they are, none of the them want trouble, but one can actually sense that there is tension, hopefully they will be able to maintain the peace. 

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