VIDEO: Lady Surprises 'Broke' Boyfriend With Cash While Chatting -

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Men in partnerships can go bankrupt and find themselves unable to purchase even the most basic of foods. Tragically, some of these men are embarrassed and apprehensive about telling their women that they do not have any money on them. It will require a clever lady to psychologically analyze her boyfriend's state of mind, knowing full well that he will not have any money on him that day. 

The lady in your photographs has surprised her broke lover with a surprise visit. Not knowing that the guy is broke to the point that he doesn't even have enough money to buy meals on that particular day, I pity him. As the couple was on the video conversation, the lady observed her boyfriend's demeanor and realized that he was experiencing some sort of emotional distress. 

She inquired as to whether he was experiencing any discomfort, but the man kept his anguish hidden and insisted that everything was OK. In a calm voice, the lady informed the boyfriend that "we are in a relationship and it is expected that we will communicate about our issues, support and console each other in times of difficulty." 

The guy then informed his girlfriend that he did not have any money with him at the time. The lady then informed the gentleman that he had really made her feel horrible since whenever she asked him for money, he always provided it, and she wondered why he was so embarrassed to ask her for aid. However, the gentleman informed him that he did not wish to bother her and that it was his obligation to look after her. 

According to the lady, this is not true. In order for a relationship or marriage to be successful, both the man and the woman must be supportive of one another in all aspects of life. Despite the fact that the gentleman was not attempting to comprehend what she was saying, the lady sent him N200,000 while they were still conversing. The guy was taken aback and inquired of his girlfriend as to where she obtained such large sums of money. The lady informed him that she has been putting aside a portion of the money he has been sending her on a regular basis. 

A few moments later, the guy thanked her and instructed his girlfriend to come over and make lunch for him because he was so hungry. 

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