Viral video| Lady sneaks with the father of her ex-boyfriend as a revenge. Check out what happened -

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The nameless lady, who appears to be on a mission to hit her ex-boyfriend where it hurts the most, displayed off a section of the apartment where he had s_x with the guy's father to establish that she is actually in the home of her alleged lover who dumped her.

While stating the guy's name, she was seen draped in a white towel, depicting a scene evocative of an after-s_x romp. She reminded him that she is not the type of girl who is easily manipulated.

"John, John, I dey your papa house right now, I don f**k am," the lady can be heard saying in the footage. You shatter my heart when you claim you're going to go free like that..."

A Nigerian woman is seeking advice from the internet to help her deal with her current pain after becoming pregnant for her university boyfriend, who is now married.

They met during their undergraduate days, but lost touch at some point, according to the lady, and when fate brought them together again lately, they had s_x and she became pregnant for him.

Nevertheless, she is now aware that her sweetheart is married, and she is unsure about what she should do next.

... Her real reasons to sleep with the father of her ex-boyfriend

He has been ignoring me even though I am two months pregnant. He has only called me once in the last two days and told me that I can do anything I want with the pregnancy and that he is fine with my choices. I want to keep him and the baby, but I'm afraid he'll betray me. I located his wife and some of his family on Facebook last night, and I want to text them about it. "I'm in desperate need of advice on this."

... This what people had to say to her

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The video can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

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