"I Went to visit my boyfriend and I found his room like this" was she wrong to go back home -

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"I Went to visit my boyfriend and I found his room like this" was she wrong to go back home

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A woman from Tembisa took to Facebook to express her dissatisfaction with a new partner she had lately acquired. They have been conversing for days, according to her, and she claims she met her boyfriend on Facebook. However, they had to meet each other at the end in order to make their relationship official. The lady stated that she was not anticipating a large house, but rather a simple two-room dwelling at the very least. He stated that he is not renting, but he did not state that he built the shanty in which he resides. Well, the lady didn't have big expectations, but what she discovered inside the one small room was something completely unexpected.

When she arrived, she appeared to be in a stunning state of beauty. As a result, he informed the gentleman that she had arrived at his location when the gentleman was still asleep. This demonstrated that only the lady had expressed an interest in meeting him. Well, the guy went to retrieve her, and she was astonished to see herself being taken towards the shacks while on the way. Well, she just relaxes because some of them look gorgeous on the inside if the person is pleasant, and even if it's only a two-room apartment, it's still acceptable. When they arrived at the house, there was only one room. First and foremost, the guy's appearance in his soiled clothes was completely unimpressive.

When they finally made it inside, it was a complete wreck. The guy didn't even bother to clean his room or put his clothes in the correct place before leaving. The scent of the residence could be smelled from the front door. The lady didn't stay for more than 5 minutes before telling him that she was unable to accomplish this at this time. She got into a taxi and returned home, and she still doesn't believe that there are people who live in such conditions today. She isn't sure if she was disrespectful for leaving and terminating things in such a hurried manner.

Some individuals on Facebook, however, informed her that she was correct in her decision. She had no choice but to follow her heart because if someone loves you, they will go to great lengths to please you. It is really difficult to date someone whom you have never met in person. Because people's physical appearance differs from the photographs they share on social media.


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