What Makes These Male Borns Think Slaying Is The Greatest Thing To Do? -

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Some boys have resolved that they will not date women who are not compatible with their sexual preferences. Some women feel the same way, preferring to date other women rather than commit to a relationship with a man.

Whoever initially proposed that males could be ladies and vice versa, I'm sure did no good considering how this generation has been swayed by such nonsense ever since. The focus of this piece will be on a group of young men whose photoshoot went viral when it was released online.

A photo of these three men has gone viral, leaving many to wonder what is going on inside their heads. These gentlemen are good-looking, so you'd think they'd go out of their way to locate women who'd fulfill them and help their love lives flourish. Instead, they chose to do something unconventional. Girls would love to have these boys as their boyfriends, but these guys have other plans.

Instead of doing what is proper, they would rather be females and go outdoors to find boyfriends. They had dressed like women, complete with high heels and dresses. Imagine the sorrow of seeing the boy you've loved your entire life transition from a boy to a lady.

Some blame poor parenting, some point to peer pressure, and yet others believe it's all due to poverty. Some people argue that adopting the masculine gender role comes with a lot of duties, and this is true. Today's society regards men solely for what they can contribute.

These guys obviously aren't ready for that kind of drama, so they've chosen to disguise themselves as women in order to avoid it.

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