What a Pedi man has said during their date has made her to use a crying Emoji. See what he said -

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A lady who has went to a date with a Pedi man has taken to Twitter to share what the Pedi man has said to her, during the course of the date. And what the Pedi man has said, has prompted the lady to use a crying Emoji. For those people who are not aware of what is meant by Emoji, well in layman's term emoji is said to be a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion.

Those readers who are not particularly well versed with Sepedi language will struggle to make sense of what the lady has said. That's why a direct translation will be provided for those people who at this juncture can't fluently read Sepedi. It must be remembered that South Africa is multicultural society. We plenty of languages.

The lady started by indicating that she was on a date with a Pedi man. And she went to say that the Pedi man said to her that "O kgona go apeya bogobe?" This can be translated to mean " Can you cook Pap". And the Pedi man said to her that if she can't cook pap then they better stop.

In her own words, the lady said " I was on a date with a pedi man and he said “o kgona go apeya bogobe? If no then a re no tlogela”


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