"See" What A Wife Saw In Her Husband’s Room Few Minutes Shortly After He Died -

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According to PUNCH, there was a growing tension in Edo as two men named Ebafor, 25, and his friend Alex, 36, died tragically at Igarra Hospital, Edo.

According to PUNCH, an eyewitness who was at the scene and was aware of the incident said their deaths appeared as the two men were performing financial rituals and went backward here badly damaged.

It was collected from a source that one of the men, named Ebafor, was with his aunt the night before she died and was drinking around 9 pm she started screaming for money and saying that Alex (who also died) was a bad friend. And he said, Ah! see money, abundance, money! Alex is a bad friend, a bad friend. ”

They started to try to calm him down when he told them that he had started to behave badly but when he started vomiting blood, he was rushed to hospital.

An eyewitness also stated that they took him to the hospital about an hour after the incident, after which a doctor began examining him. While the doctor was doing his job, he started shouting the name of his friend again, Alex, at the hospital, to ask himself if Alex was the one he was talking about.

But while Ebafor was struggling with his problem, it was said that Alex was in the middle of his incidents as he contacted his wife selling fruit near Afekhai Junction, Igorra, not to return home after a day of selling. But she didn't understand what her husband meant by those words, so she went home and found her husband stretching and saying some strange words.

It is compiled in a PUNCH report that she later called some neighbors who were helping her to flee her husband, by encounter enter, to the hospital where Ebafor was making room. While they were both in the hospital, the two friends began to act similarly after a few minutes, they both breathed a sigh of relief.

His wife reported that on the way home from work, she noticed a fire and a box lying in their room. Also, when Abefor's room was merged, they saw several charms lying on the floor in his room.

Police but taken two parts but the people of the Garra asked to be removed from their houses. Ebafor, 25, and his friend Alex, 36, died tragically in a hospital in Igarra, Edo.

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