'Drama; Wife React As Groom abandoned Her & Scatter Dance With His ex, At Their Wedding Reception. -

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Incredibly, the bride's reaction to the groom abandoning her and doing a scatter dance with his ex-girlfriend at their wedding reception was unexpected.

During their reception, a groom made the decision to desert his wedded bride by clinging to the enormous rear of a different woman.

As soon as he set his gaze upon a lady dancing in close proximity to them, he couldn't keep his gaze away from the temptation.

He had every motive to abandon his bride, jump up from his chair, and grasp the woman's rear with both hands with full power because of the way her bum was hanging down.

According to the viral video, the husband was apparently having a good time at the expense of his wedded wife's newfound freedom.

This was evident by the unhappiness on the bride's face as a result of the groom's conduct. Many assume that the dancing woman is the man's ex-girlfriend, whom he dumped after he got married to another woman in another country.

As a result, he resolved to grind her in order to put an end to any rumors that there was something illicit going on between himself and his ex-girlfriend. That was also his method of bidding farewell to his ex-girlfriend.

As he gripped, smooched, and stroked the bottom of the girl while the music played, his army pals encouraged him to keep going and succeed. A wedding celebration that was meant to be the focal point of attention for the groom and bride took an unexpected and very intriguing turn.


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