Wisdom: Guys, when a girl ask you these questions, know that she has feelings for you. -

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For a woman to tell her man or guy that she likes him or, even worse, for a woman to propose to a man is a challenge in and of itself. When a girl has a crush on you, she may occasionally ask you specific questions in order to make you aware that she is interested in you.

However, many men fail to notice the questions that females ask them when they have affections for them. This is the type of question a female would ask you if she is desperate for you to make a move on her.

 1. She likes or is interested in you, she will offer you subtle signals, such as acting shy in your presence or laughing even at your most shittiest jokes. She'll make an effort to be present in areas where you're frequently found. If she's single and available, she'll make sure you're aware of it.

2. What to do if a female approaches you and asks, "So, what kind of girl are you?" 2. Or anything else along those lines, it's a very strong indication that she's interested in you, if not outright in love with you at this point. If a lady is interested in you, she will want to know if her interest is well-founded before continuing the relationship. We can only hope that she is more tactful than a drill sergeant who has taken an interest in a newly enlisted soldier.

3. she will ask many questions, which will provide you with an opportunity to elaborate or ask even more inquiries. "Can you tell me about your favorite band or artist?" is an example of this. I like them as well, oh sure." "Their current CD, in particular, is excellent." I was wondering whether you have seen them perform live. No? "Wouldn't it be nice to go?" In another instance, "Do you enjoy sports?" I adore participating in sporting activities!" When I ask if you enjoy sports, I mean it literally. "Can you tell me about a sport that you enjoy?" says the interviewer. I would respond, "Oh I think you are extremely excellent at it!" if he mentioned golf, for example.

4. In addition, if a lady likes you, she will seek a guy for his advice on anything she might be struggling with. Suppose she inquires about the significance of a caution light on her automobile. When she finds out what it means, she will be extremely impressed. Girls do these things not to appear phony or superficial, but rather to demonstrate to him that they genuinely like him and want to learn more about him.

5. If she is very attracted to you, she will deactivate her tinder or any other dating app, indicating that she is exclusively interested in you and you alone. It is possible that she will text you about what has happened, such as if there is no electricity in the house or if her network is down.

6. She'll become friends with your friends and acquaintances in order to learn more about you and your interests. 7. She will also try to impress your parents by demonstrating her culinary abilities if she is a friend of yours.

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