Women Should Stop Cheating As Another South African Woman Bites The Dust -

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There have many numerous stories surfacing on the internet based on women who were cheating on their partners being murdered. So there is a bit of confusion as to who is in the wrong. Is it the women cheating or is it their obsessive partners? This is question is what has divided the country.

While News24 understands the shooter was bitter and jealous after the police reservist allegedly cheated on him, the police said they did not want to speculate.

This time a new story has emerged of a cheating woman being murdered, however the difference is that she was murdered by her boyfriend whom she was cheating with. The name of the woman is Nokwanda Maguga-Patocka, she was 44 years old and was murdered by her boyfriend who is 49 years old.

Nokwanda Maguga-Patocka and Michael Patocka.

She was cheating on her husband who who lives in Russia due to work related matters. I guess it's time both men and women realize that cheating isn't really worth it if it's going to cost you your life.

Nokwanda Magagu-Patocka

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