Your Headache locations, and what they mean

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What does your headache location mean? The cause of the headache that is occurring in the front of your head may be different from the one in your temple or even the one in the back of your head. This will explain such headaches and what they mean. There are a lot of types of headaches, there are about 150 types of headaches according to research. 

Migraine, cluster headaches, tension headaches are the most common types of headaches. They can be as a result of injury, illness, or issues somewhere in the body. Headaches on their own can be harmless or dangerous

Locations of your Headache and their meaning:

1) Headache on the forehead

 - Migraine

 - Sinus headache

 - Dehydration headache

 - Eyestrain

 - Covid headache

2) Headaches on the side of your head(Temple)

 - Cervicogenic headache

 - Ice-pick headache

 - Tension headache

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3) Headaches on the back of your head

 - Dehydration headache

 - Cervicogenic headache

 - Tension headache

4) Headache on the middle or top of the head

 - Cough headache

 - Exertion headache

 - Ice-pick headache

 - Tension-type of headache

5) One side Headache 

- Cluster headache

- Migraines

The meaning of these headaches:

1) Migraines: This causes one-sided throbbing pain, sometimes it can be moderate, another time, it can be severe. This type of headache known as migraine is normally accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to sound and also light.

2) Sinus headache: This is a headache that is associated with constant and deep pain in the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, or the forehead. The pain will intensify if there's a movement or a strain. It can be accompanied by nasal discharge, fever, facial swelling, feeling full, and others.

3) Dehydration headache: This may happen at the back or even in the front or even one side of the head and sometimes it may be throughout the head. Moving the head side-by-side or bending down will worsen the ache. Even walking can cause more serious pain.

4) Cluster headache: This type of headache affects more men than it affects women and it is a recurring headache that happens in cycles or groups. This type of headache can appear suddenly and is mostly characterized by huge pain on one side of the head and care sometimes accompanied by nasal or runny nose and a watery eye.

5) Cervicogenic Headaches: This is one of the most common types of headaches and normally starts from the joints of the neck to the back of the head.

6) Covid Headache: This type of headache is still being monitored especially because of the present covid situation all around the world. On some people this headache disappears after a week on some others, it lasts up to months. It comes with a severe type of pain and is normally felt all around the head. It is more like a whole head type of pressure.

7) Exertion Headache: This one comes after a strenuous exercise or activity. It may be after running, weightlifting, swimming, tennis, and rowing.

8) Ice-pick headache: This one comes with a repeated sharp throbbing and pains in the temple

9) Tension headache: This headache is very common and it normally feels like a throb or constant ache/pressure on both sides of your head.


The treatments of these headaches depend on the type you are experiencing and it's advisable to get the proper diagnosis to avoid treating a different headache with another therapy or drugs.

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