Zee World Jodha & Akbar 4 Teasers for October 2021 | Jodha & Akbar Teasers

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Friday 1 October 2021
Episode 19

Salim desires to eat along with his soldier pal. Akbar agrees that the Prince has his manner. Birbal and Jodha's plan to get the daddy and son collectively good points momentum.
Saturday 2 October 2021

Episode 20

Murad sends a message to Anarkali and she or he comes and reprimands Kutub. Salim's admiration for her grows.
Sunday 3 October 2021

Episode 21

Salim confronts Murad and Danyal concerning the letter that they had despatched to Anarkali. Jodha ... Tap here to Get More Details, Photos or Video >>>. Please Don't forget to share and leave comments below 🙏 Let's hear from you.

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